I thought we wanted a democracy in Iraq?

What are US politicians doing "[calling] for the ouster of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki"? Shouldn't that be a matter for the Iraqi parliament and people to decide?

Let's give them their country back and bring our troops home.

What's the Score in Iraq?


The GAO review is less favorable than the White House's, but even the White House review indicates that fewer than half of the benchmarks were met (8 out of 18)!

Why are we still there?!

In his book, Armed Madhouse, Greg Palast says it's about the oil. Our soldiers are dying for oil?! Bring 'em home!



"Fossil find pushes human-ape split back millions of years"

Who says there's a "human-ape split"? I would categorize humans as a kind of ape.