Who am I?

Who am I?

What am I?

Looking for I, nothing is found. There is just the looking. No looker to be found behind the looking.

Where do thoughts come from? They seem to simply appear from nowhere. It seems sometimes as if one thought leads to another, but there doesn't seem to be any way to be sure they are connected. What is seen is this thought, then another, then another, arising from nowhere, returning to nowhere. Or from God. Or from the conditioning. We can attribute the thoughts wherever we like. I still don't know where they come from.


How long can one enjoy a flat, tasteless life devoid of meaning? Maybe you can do without one of them -- meaning or flavor -- but not both.

Where does meaning come from? What connects signifier to signified?

Not the connection but the process that makes it -- awareness, consciousness -- that who is, what is, all that is.

Where does that process come from? Is it created by the brain or does it contain the brain? A moebius strip -- locally two sided, globally one sided.

Is it enough? Enough, not enough, all a judgement. Make the judgements happy. Be at peace. Or not. What else can you do?