We're Shooting Ourselves in the Foot!

Safety is an important emphasis where I work.

Over the past few years, we've had a couple of celebrations of having worked a million injury-free hours that involved having managers serve the rest of us apple pie and ice cream. I wonder how many heart attacks were accelerated, or cases of heart disease worsened, by those celebrations.

Another example: a popular restaurant is serving "pink ribbon" bagels that contain hydrogenated (i.e., "bad") fats and animal products (milk components) to raise breast cancer awareness and as a means for customers to contribute to breast cancer charities (a portion of the proceeds go to the charities). To what extent do you suppose the hydrogenated fats and milk components contribute to cases of breast cancer?

Yet another example: I've heard that conferences for doctors generally serve steak for lunch and dinner. A quick Google turned up some examples here (a pdf) and here (another pdf). If you'd rather not download the pdf, Google's HTML versions are here and here. Here is the June/July issue of the Women's Heart Foundation Newsletter featuring a Grilled Strip Steak as their "Recipe from the Heart".

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