The "All is One" Hypothesis

Here's a hypothesis:

There is one big All which human minds divide into millions of little things.

The one big All can't be a thing itself because it consists of awareness and what appears to awareness. The awareness of All can't perceive All directly, just like an eye can't look at itself directly, although it can look at its reflection in a mirror. In the same way, what appears to awareness is a reflection of itself -- All is one, and every thing is part of it. The awareness and what appears to it is All's way of looking at and knowing itself.

One of the things that human minds divide the All into is persons. There is actually no personhood operating at any level, just awareness and the things that appear to it. There is actually no separation between things, despite the cognizing activity of human minds. All of it is just what is appearing to awareness.

Awareness is what knows the meaning of these words.

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